Black woman leaves everyone speechless with her open letter to White people

by Phil Schneider

Meet Beverly Beatty. She asks very real and difficult questions as a black woman. There is nothing politically correct about this video clip. It is a straight in-your-face attack on white conservatives by a black woman as to why skin color needs to be such a central issue whenever dealing with minorities.

Racism in the world is not a new issue. But in the last few years, things have reached a crescendo. Victimization has become a norm among the progressive community in how they relate to minority communities. But as this woman explains well, the key aspects of life in America are freedom – not equality of outome.

Indeed, there are people who hate people due to their skin color. But the solution is not to institutionalize equality in all spheres. The key is equality of opportunity. That should be the rallying cry for all who want to make a fundamental change among minorities or any group that is fighting disadvantage. Anything that allows people from broken homes to have a chance to succeed like those from solid homes is a blessing. Anything along the lines of step-up programs that enable people to study, work hard, and succeed are wonderful. Anything that rewards not studying, or not working hard and not succeeding is a curse in the disguise of support. Handouts should not be used except in extenuating circumstances such as freak accidents like hurricanes. But in normal circumstances, the world needs more of people who can be celebrated for overcoming struggles, not people who received handouts due to their struggles. If we celebrate the giants of spirit and not those who have suffered, then we will all benefit from a world filled with strength, not a world filled with victims.

Beverly Beatty in Action

Watch Beverly in action destroying Mayor De Blasio’s black lives matter graffiti he painted on the streets of New York City, right in front of Trump Tower.

Arab Incitement
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