US senator refuses to condemn a terror group

by Leah Rosenberg

Every US senator will have a different opinion. But one thing should be agreed upon: Terrorism and violence are bad. How can a senator refuse to say it?

US Senator Won’t Call Antifa Bad

US senator Mazie Hirono did not want to say anything negative about Antifa. It does not matter whether one associates with the Right or the Left. Everyone should agree terrorism is bad. Everyone should agree that groups like Antifa are destructive and harmful to the American people and the American society.

And then Senator Hirono mentioned that defunding the police shouldn’t be taken literally. Except that is literally what people are asking for. And that is literally what Leftists are trying to accomplish. Hirono made it seem like the call to defund the police is harmless.

Well, it is not harmless. It is unraveling the fabric of American society.

Freedom of Speech

Mazie Hirono also addressed the idea of freedom of speech. There are many things to say about that topic, but one thing is for sure: BLM and Antifa have gone far beyond freedom of speech. They have been violent. They have destroyed. And they have even killed.

That is not freedom of speech. Americans do not have the right to burn buildings and loot businesses. Is that included in “freedom of speech?” Absolutely not. That is called crime and destruction, and those are NOT American values. Apparently though, those behaviors express freedom of speech and are acceptable. How ludicrous.

How much longer can US senators refuse to condemn violence and refuse to uphold American values?

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