Exposing Antifa, The Soldiers Of The Insurrection

by Micha Gefen

The current insurrection in America has been so shocking to so many people, because of how fast it flipped from angry riots to a controlled uprising. President Trump has rightfully blamed Antifa for the chaos, but what is driving the group?


To make it simple, Antifa’s aim is chaos. While it is assumed they have no centralized leadership, the above video ultimately shows that it does. More than that it is clear it is being funded by a hidden hand.

The current insurrection has a specific aim – to topple the American way of life. The hard part for everyone involved is to understand that Antifa are just the foot soldiers in the initial battles of the insurrection.

The aim of the hidden hand behind this is the same aim of the Arab Spring when they too down Mubarak. The purpose of anarchy is not anarchy, but rather to take down the system and replace it with something far different.

Antifa may believe they are “Anti-Fascist” but in reality they are merely the tools of the same globalist players seeking to break down American civil society. These globalists on Wall Street who have partnered with CCP and big-Tech had their chance with Obama for eight years. Their assumption was that the revolution would continue under Hillary – it did not.

Now their aim is to take down the system altogether. For this Antifa was born.

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