Finally, a Police Chief Acting Like a Leader

by Avi Abelow

We all deserve leaders willing to stand up and protect us, and defend our rights to self-defense, like this Police Chief.

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Unfortunately, America AND Israel, have too many leaders who are either ideologically against enforcing the law against people breaking the law, when it is connected to their ideology, or they are afraid of enforcing the law because they will get publicly lynched by the mainstream media and/or punished by a hyper-left judicial system.

In the video you can see one such local Democratic American leader, the ideological kind.

The sad and scary thing is that the approach of these leftist leaders endanger all law-abiding citizens, including black Americans who have been shot, killed and had their businesses destroyed in the recent riots. What happened to “black Lives Matter”? Protestors have been silent about the murder of retired St. Louis police Chief David Dorn, a black man, murdered by looters. Why the silence? He was a black man and he was killed by the looters! Do they only care about black lives when killed by a white cop?

We must have leaders, local and national, who prioritize protecting law-abiding citizens over their ideological agenda. It is endangering us all!

Let me show you how we are experiencing this in Israel. For decades the Arab Bedouin have turned Israel’s Negev desert into a Wild West where the police hardly police. Over the years some of these Bedouin go into IDF army bases and steal equipment, guns, ammunition etc, but the army and police are so afraid of doing anything to investigate and punish, that the stealing happens almost daily, in pure daylight, and the IDF soldiers and officers are powerless. Why? Because if they would dare take action they would be lynched by the media and punished! Because how dare they use force against the pure, oppressed Arabs. Just watch the end of the video above.

You see two IDF officers chasing the robbers who just stole IDF equipment from their base! Check out how then a whole bunch of land rovers, yes land rovers, did I mention how “oppressed” the media makes them out to be? In any case, the robbers and buddies all in landrovers are dangerously bullying the IDF Jeep on the road! Then, when they confront the robbers, they were surrounded by a mob Bedouin. The IDF officers felt like their lives were in danger so they shot in the air. In the end,  the IDF reprimanded the IDF officers for chasing the robbers! This took place a few days ago and the robbers have not been caught and the IDF equipment is long gone.

This is what the leftist ideology of leaders, journalists and soldiers/police officers leads to, the paralysis of law enforcement out of fear of punishment. 

Exchange the term “blacks” for Arabs, Bedouin, Muslim or any other political-correct minority in Israel, and you see how this ideology is plaguing both of our nations.

We need real leaders who will do what is necessary to protect all law-abiding citizens, regardless of skin-color, religion or ethnicity. Leaders who will put a stop to the takeover of the leftist agenda that is paralyzing our ability of our forces to protect all of us.

Dr. Kedar - Ra'am
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