Trump Bans Chinese Airlines From The USA In An Attempt Push Back On the CCP

by Micha Gefen

While US cities burn as a result of a well funded and timely insurrection aimed at taking down the USA from the inside, President Trump has continued to push back against one of the guiding hands of the insurrection – China.

The President has decided to ban Chinese airlines from operating in the USA due to the fact that the Communist regime has not permitted US airlines to function in mainland China.

While on the surface it may not mean much, this move comes after a series of blistering actions by the Trump administration designed to curb Beijing’s growing power and subversive tactics against the USA.

The back and forth between US backed Hong Kong protests and the CCP funded media’s white washing of the current insurrection in the USA is a ratcheting up of animosity and Cold War tensions similar to the summer of 1968, when not only were there legitimate protests, but the KGB had infiltrated and influenced the nature of them.

President Trump is hanging on by a thread as more and more Deep State actors are attempting push him out and some of those would like to go a step further and break the system altogether. All of them would like the world to go back to what it was before Trump, when a Chinese totalitarian government was allowed to infiltrate US corporations, universities, and media resulting in the crushing of the hardworking blu-collar voter.

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