The Technology War Has Begun between the USA and China

by Micha Gefen

President Trump’s administration has succeeded in pushing back hard against the CCP’s growing technology might by preventing the export of semiconductors to Huawei.

This one move has hampered the ability for the CCP to dominate the 5G network, a major blow in their plan to expand and challenge the USA’s technology supremacy.

Interestingly enough, the Trump administration may apply the same strategy to other Chinese tech giants, such as Baidu and Alibaba. These companies have utilized and copied US innovations and used them to build their wealth in Asia.

The CCP understands the confrontation ahead. If the Trump administration is successful then it will set back the CCP’s ability to rapidly catch up and compete with the West for decades.

Perhaps this is why the Chinese Communist regime is so hell bent on challenging Trump and delegitimizing his rule by using the current unrest on American streets to pain him as a “dictatorial” leader.

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