Orthodox and Hasidic Jews are saving COVID-19 patients

by Leah Rosenberg

Sometimes, Orthodox and Hasidic Jews are portrayed negatively. And then, people view them negatively, of course. But here is a glimpse of their true nature.

Orthodox and Hasidic Jews & COVID

Talk about being a light unto the nations! The world has been hit hard with COVID-19. And Orthodox and Hasidic Jews in certain areas have been hit especially hard.

But what those who recovered from Coronavirus did is amazing. They chose to give to others. They chose to spend their time and energy helping people recover from COVID-19. And what is so special is that they did not know these people. But it is in the nature of a Jew to give. And these Jews rose to the challenge.

Seeing the Good

There are a lot of things to learn from what these Jews did. Firstly, the antisemitism that is spread is made up of lies. The Jewish people as a whole are a kind and helpful nation. Of course, not everyone is perfect. But that is true about any group of people.

Secondly, we cannot forget to share the positive stories during COVID-19, as was mentioned in this news story. Often times, the media headlines and the news segments are filled with death and horror stories. They are filled with how many hospital beds are filled up and how hospitals are like war zones.

But don’t let this story fall to the wayside. This is the type of story that should make the headlines. People need to feel positive. People need to feel hopeful. And only sharing the bad while disregarding the good that has taken place in the world will lead to feelings of despair.

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