What’s happening with Big Tech and the media will utterly shock you

by Leah Rosenberg

Big Tech and the media are taking away free speech. They are trying to throw the First Amendment in the garbage. Do Americans realize? Do they care?

Censorship – Big Tech and the Media

This is not about opinions, this is about facts. And right now, Big Tech and the media are trying to throw facts away. They are trying to hide the truth and make you believe that what is wrong is right. It is frightening. The fact that there are people out there trying to control the way we think, what we say, and what we do should push everyone to protest.

When did America become a place where people censor those they disagree with? How is it allowed that those with power, like Big Tech, are doing such anti-American things? Wake up America, before you lose everything you once stood for.

The Raging Lies

What Twitter did is horrendous. Lying in attempt to stop Trump from winning reelections is wrong. President Trump made a statement about mail-in voting. It was a fact. And Twitter decided to lie and make a false statement, which as Tucker Carlson points out is also political censorship.

Regardless of ones political beliefs, censorship and blocking free speech should outrage every person. Regardless of one’s affinity toward the president of the United States, the media trying to take away the First Amendment should infuriate every American.

Since when did America become a place where people ignore the values that the country was built upon? Since when Did America become a country where its own people are destroying the foundation that the forefathers established? There are so many worrisome questions. And the answers don’t help.

Arab Incitement
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