The ultimate call for the Jewish nation to come home

by Leah Rosenberg

The Jewish nation belongs in Israel. G-d wants everyone to come back home. With all the unrest in the world, now is the time.

Jewish Nation, Come Home

There are many Jewish writings – both ancient and modern – calling for the Jewish nation to come back home to Israel. Song after song, poem after poem. These writings and songs are not based off of nothing. They are based off of the Bible and what G-d wants! The Bible clearly indicates that Jews should be living in Israel. That is the best place to serve G-d and to keep His commandments.

Is it easy to pack up and move? Most definitely not. But many things in life are not easy, especially those things that are very, very worth it.

There is truly no better time to come back than now.

The Unrest in the World

Sometimes, what stops someone from moving back to Israel, or making Aliyah, is the stability they feel in whatever place they live. Whether it be their financial stability, their routine, their schools – they just feel like they can’t move away from all of it.

But after COVID-19 hit everyone hard, many no longer have their financial stability. Many people’s routines were shaken up. They could no longer send their children to school. The list goes on and on.

On top of all of that, the civil unrest and the violence that has been occurring throughout the US and the rest of the Western world is not what anyone would call “stability.”

Whatever issues you face in life might as well be in Israel with the rest of your Jewish brothers and sisters.

Dr. Risch

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