Ongoing Political Protests and the Hypocrisy of Law Enforcement

by Avi Abelow

The legal injustice screams to high heavens. Once again, the police and leftist legal system show that their is no equality of justice between the right and left.

Two decades ago, my friends and I were protesting against Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin and his government for the disasterius Oslo peace process with arch-terrorist Yassar Arafat. We knew that that it wasn’t a peace process but a “piece by “piece” process, where Israel was signing a fake peace agreement with horrendous terrorists who would just use the land and weapons given to them by Israel to terrorize Israel, kill more Jews and take away more of our land. The Israeli left loved the Oslo peace process and dismissed all of our concerns.

Then Supreme Court Justice Aharon Barak issued a ruling that while protesting should be allowed, it is only permitted for a group of 500 people and only from 7:30-9:00 pm, because, as Supreme Court Justice Barak wrote “the right to protest is not absolute, it must be balanced with the right to privacy of the Prime Minister, his family and his neighbors”.

Yet, today, for weeks, thousands of Israeli leftists have been protesting outside of Prime Minister Netanyahu’s home in the Center of Jerusalem through the wee hours of the night causing many local residents to literally move out of their homes because they can’t take it anymore, they and their children can’t sleep!

And this time the Justice system is allowing it, totally disregarding Barak’s ruling in 1993 that acknowledged the rights of the Prime Minister and his neighbors. 

What is different today? Back then it was protestors protesting a left-wing Prime Minister instituting left wing policies that the justice system supported. This time, it is protestors protesting Prime Minister Netanyahu, who the left-wing, and the Justice system, hate. 

That’s the whole story. A politicized Justice system.

Israeli lawyer Yoram Shefler just petitioned the High Court, using the 1993 ruling of Supreme Court Justice Barak. Let’s see what if they will actually change and implement an equal dose of justice or whether they come up with some legal Mumbo jumbo excuse on why Chief Justice Barak’s ruling in 1993 regarding right-wing protestors, does not apply to today’s anti-Netanyahu protestors. 

Stay tuned…

But that is not all. While the police and justice system allow these noisy protests late into the night outside the Prime Minister’s home, disrupting the whole community, the police and justice system are forbidding protests outside the home of the Chief Justice Minister, who is responsible for abusing the justice system as a political entity instead of justice. Why the discrimination? 

We know why… but that is not all.

Here is another example of their blatant hypocrisy. People want to protest outside the home of an assistant attorney general, Liat Ben-Ari, because it has been discovered that she allegedly had illegal construction done to her house, and people are demanding justice. Yet, the justice system is forbidding the protests claiming that she is a beautocrat, not an elected official, so protests are forbidden.

However, just months ago the left were protesting outside the house of the attorney general, another non-elected beaurocrat, to pressure him to file charges against Netanyahu. Guess what the justice system did then? Nothing. The protests took place over months. 

Again, a politicized Justice system used by the left to promote their agenda even though the Israeli public consistently votes for Right wing governments. 

My fried Erez Tadmor wrote a book about this sad, hypocritical reality, and the title says it all “Why Israelis vote right, but always end up with left wing policies.”

Our vice is important to wake people up to the reality of how the left abuses the justice system in an unjust, unfair, political way. All we want is true equality under the law, regardless of political views. To put an end to the left’s unjust abuse of the law via the left-wing tainted justice system.

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