Turkey, Not Iran Is The Region’s Real Nemesis

by Micha Gefen

Israel has always focused on the threat that Iran poses to it and the Western world. While this threat is very real, Turkey led, but neo-sultan Erdogan poses far more formidable threat to the Jewish State.

Turkey’s current dispute wit Greece and Egypt over their expanding gas deal in the Eastern Mediterranean is of serious concern to Ankara. Turkey is already at loggerheads with the Egyptian government over its support of the LNA with whom Turkey is in direct confrontation,

Egypt’s agreement with Greece, Turkey’s long time nemesis in the region is essentially one step away from war as far as Erdogan is concerned.

So where does Israel fit in? Israel’s interrelationship with both Greece and Cyprus puts Jerusalem on a direct collision course with Erdogan’s Turkey. After all, Netanyahu’s goal has been to reshape the strategic partnerships that have existed in the Eastern Mediterranean. As of now, this goal essentially been achieved, which in and of itself is considered a real game changer.

All of this means that Israel is Erdogan’s number one enemy for two reasons – geo-politics and religious.

In terms of the strategic partnerships forming the Eastern Mediterranean – all roads lead to Jerusalem. Geo-politically this means that Erdogan must go after the Jewish State to dismantle the wall forming in front of him. On top of that, Jerusalem itself is seen as the ultimate prize for Turkey’s ascendancy to international importance. After all the Ottoman’s had Jerusalem in their hands in the past and as far as Erdogan is concerned it should be their’s again.

Expect Erdogan to take a much more serious posture in the coming months as funding of Jerusalem terror is funneled from Ankara to supportive clandestine groups functioning the East of the city. More than that, Erdogan would like to begin to push heavy against the strategic wall forming in the Eastern Mediterranean. Will there be war? A rational person would shy away from one, but Erdogan is on a mission. Anything is possible.

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