Iran-US Conflict Now Focuses On Israel’s Northern Border

by Micha Gefen

Whether or not Hezbollah was directly involved with Beirut’s blast or not, tensions continue to rise on Israel’s Northern border.

The backdrop to the rising tensions is not directly related to the immediate low flame conflict between Hezbollah and Israel, but rather the global tug of war between the US and Iran (and China).

The US is busy attempting to extend the arms embargo on Iran. This of course is a no go by Iran and in all honesty Russia and China. Without this embargo, the chances of war skyrocket.

The tension in Israel’s North is being raised by Iran’s need to distract while it attempts to head off America’s attempt to ensure it does not continue to expand.

Of course, pulling the strings is China. While last time they were compliant in enacting the embargo in the first place – this time they are on the march and will more than likely be against it.

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