IDF Bombs Hamas Outpost in Retaliation for Day of Terror Balloons

by Avi Abelow

In retaliation for multiple bombs that were flown into Israel today by Gaza terrorists, the IDF attacked a Hamas outpost in Gaza.

Throughout the day Gaza terrorists flew balloons with explosive devices into Israel that caused over 13 fires in open fields. One explosive device landed in the Israeli city of Arad. 

Police were brought to the scene to diffuse the bomb before any innocent Israelis could get hurt.

Tonight, the IDF sent a clear message to Hamas by bombing one of their outposts.

Following the IDF’s retaliation attack Defense Minister Benny Gantz stared “The State of Israel will not accept any violation of sovereignty and harm to the residents of the south. In Gaza, we must understand that there is no other solution – only returning our boys home and quiet will lead to economic growth in the Gaza Strip”

I would like to add that the only way to stop Hamas and all the other terror units in Gaza is for Israel to liberate Gaza from these terror organizations. They are not just terrorizing Israel, but their own Arab Muslim population in Gaza as well. 

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