Police Defenseless or on the Run in Chicago, Paris and London

by Avi Abelow

All across the Western world police are either on the defensive or on the run.

This is Chicago, where 18 Chicago police officers were injured.

This is Paris where police officers are literally on the run from protestors and are even getting beaten by some of the protestors.

And this is in London. More scenes of police retreating in the face of violent protestors.

What ties all three of these recent incidents together is the weakness of political leadership across the Western world, preferring to side with the mob and turning their backs on supporting law enforcement to enforce the peace so that all citizens can be safe.

This is a scary trajectory that is growing and the only people who benefit are the leftist anarchists themselves. Law-abiding citizens, together with law enforcement, are being left defenseless.

If this continues then it is only a matter of time before people take the law into their own hands. 

Unfortunately, there is a case in St.Louis that shows even in those cases elected officials will side with the mob.

A St. Louis prosecutor right now wants to prosecute a St.Louis couple for standing in front of their house with guns, in fear of the black lives matter mob that was storming their property.

It is quite scary if law-abiding citizens will be the ones punished for the crime of defending their lives and property.

This insanity of bowing to the leftist mob must be stopped 

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