IDF Pulls Out From Rafah, Hamas Immediately Shoots Missiles At Central Israel

by David Mark

Shortly after the IDF capitulated to the ICJ and pulled most of its forces out of Rafah, including handing the Rafah crossing over to Egypt, Hamas fired a barrage of rockets at central Israel. Most were intercepted with one hitting an open area.

The IDF claimed it pulled the Givati Brigade from Rafah, reversing the gains it made in the first weeks of the operation, in order to give them “a rest.” However, the timing of the retreat, which corresponds to the ICJ ruling that Israel must end the Rafah operation makes the IDF move appear connected to the ruling.

International Court of Justice in The Hague (ICJ) ruled on Friday that Israel must “immediately halt its military offensive, and any other action in the Rafah Governorate, which may inflict on the Palestinian group in Gaza conditions of life that could bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part,” there is some debate among legal scholars over what precisely this order means.”

The retreat comes at a time, when frustration is growing among the rank and file soldiers. Most recently a video was released of a reserve soldier claiming there were 100,000 soldiers ready to only follow Netanyahu to victory. Despite the current challenges with Gantz and Gallant, it is ultimately Netanyahu who has been unwilling to fire Gantz and Gallant and appoint competent military leaders ready for a real victory.

The pressure from America to stop the war and capitulate is immense and despite the Prime Minister’s declaration that Israel won’t stop fighting, every retreat gives more power to Hamas and brings the terror group that much closer to victory. Soldiers are frustrated, hostage families are in desperation, the north is unlivable, and our leaders appears to be feckless.

Netanyahu stands like the King Saul of old, opposite the Philistines – scared to face Goliath on his own. We all know how that story ended.

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bubbe May 26, 2024 - 5:27 pm

My heart goes out to the families of the hostages…and of course – to the hostages. But the reality is, THIS IS WAR. Remember – Israel was attacked. It would make no logical or rational sense to not finish the job. Walk away from a fight…and you lose. Interestingly,,,,not the UN or the US President, nor any international court has applied any pressure on Hamas to release the hostages. What could these interferers say to Hamas??? Free the hostages OR else…..or else what???? …hmm, wonder why? Because Hamas is merely a terrorist gang and if Israel doesn’t get them out…they will have a free hand do as they wish again….continuously. If your house has been invaded by100’s of rats……getting rid of 3 means nothing! Keep catching till you get them all. NO ceasefire…giving the “rats” time to “reproduce”, “regroup”, “reload”, “reorganize”, and “REattack”!!
It’s a war…finish it!! WIN!!

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