Watch: Anti-Israel Protester Doesn’t Even Know Jesus Was a Jew

by Leah Rosenberg

What happens when you speak to an anti-Israel protester? You’ll see instantly how ignorant each one really is.

When You Ask an Anti-Israel Protester a Question…

The world needs to be honest. These anti-Israel protesters are ignorant and foolish. Some of them have no idea what they are fighting for and protesting about. And some of them might claim they stand for something, but then cannot tell you anything about history. And then you have the anti-Israel protester who can’t even pronounce UNRWA. What has the world come to?

You can see here that all it takes is 1 minute to really show how clueless these people are! They have no idea what Zionism is. They probably can’t even point to Israel on a map. And some don’t even know that Jesus was a Jew…This is all pretty basic information without getting into such complicated topics.

When there is an intelligent debate happening, it is interesting to see how both sides answer questions and react to information they are asked about. But in the case with anti-Israel protesters, there is nothing to debate. They are unintelligent, uninformed, and just simply insane. They don’t think for themselves, and they don’t know the facts.

If you know the facts, it is very easy to shut down anti-Israel protesters. They usually end up walking away and not wanting to speak because they realize very quickly that they have no answers. Keep sharing the truth. Keep fighting the lies with the facts. And keep challenging these ridiculous antisemitic people.

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