IDF Explains What Google Can’t about the Most Recent Operation in Gaza

by Leah Rosenberg

The world has been spreading fake news about the Jewish people for centuries. And in the most recent operation in Gaza, they did the same.

Recent Operation in Gaza – Guardian of the Walls

The most recent operation in Gaza was called Operation Guardian of the Walls. The IDF was forced to take action after Hamas fired rockets incessantly at the people of Israel. Does the IDF want war? No. Do they want tensions to rise? Absolutely not. Israel wants to just live peacefully.

If Israel didn’t need to have an army to defend itself, it wouldn’t have one. The IDF does not oppress people. It does not go out conquering peoples in foreign lands or bomb others. Actually, that’s what its enemies do. Israel has an army to defend itself against terrorism and rockets; against war and attacks.

The problem is that the world spreads fake news about Israel and the Jewish people. They make the most absurd claims that are based on nothing but lies. How is it possible that anyone condemned Israel in this most recent conflict (and really, in any conflict)? What would your country do if over 4,000 rockets were fired at innocent civilians? No country would tolerate such a thing. And yet, when Israel defends itself, the world goes wild. Israel’s strikes against Gaza were precise. They warn civilians to leave if their target is near civilian areas. Israel tries to protect human life – all human life. Hamas does not value any human life – not even the lives of their own people.

When will the world see the truth?

Big tech Hypocrisy
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