Arab Arson Attack On Jewish Community North of Jerusalem

by Micha Gefen

Arab rioters attacked the small community of Aish Kodesh, located near Shilo, North of Jerusalem by setting fires next to it.

Arab arsonists continue to attack Jewish communities across Judea and Samaria by setting fire just outside their fences or security zones. Aish Kodesh residents were forced to flee from their small community due to Arab fire terror. Other communities are suffering the same fate.

With fire balloons hitting southern Israel and Arabs attempting to lynch Jews in mixed communities, arson against other communities appears to be the latest form of the “quiet” war the Arabs are waging against Israel.

The real question is what the Bennett-Lapid-Abbas government will do to stop the latest set of attacks besides bombing empty buildings in Gaza and building more homes for Arabs in the Negev. With each attack that occurs, many Israelis are praying for the day that Netanyahu returns to the Prime Minister’s chair and gives the country a far more secure and clear direction.

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