9-Year-Old Girl Gives a Piece of Her Mind to School Board Over BLM Posters

by Leah Rosenberg

Children today are dealing with challenges that barely existed a decade or two ago. The BLM movement is one that seems like it is all about rights and racism. But actually, it is about a relinquishing of responsibility and blaming others for problems that have the source in the home. The entire idea of critical race theory being something that is a high priority in education today is truly mind-boggling. Instead of focusing on teaching young people to be morally upstanding law-abiding individuals, it has become fashionable to teach young people to feel guilty about their race or to claim entitlements from others for whatever struggles they have.

The best way to deal with racism today is through integration that is not forced. The Civil Rights movement succeeded in forcing integration in States that needed to be forced into it. But today, that is no longer the case. Nearly every business and governmental institution is integrated today. Their is indeed equality of opportunity in most jobs today. Of course, vestiges of racism and other inequalities still exist today. But the solution to those issues are no longer best achieved by force. Actually, force is counterproductive. Today, we need a world where racism is not at the forefront of discussions, but pushed aside. Yes, there are things that should not be focused on too much, and racism is one of them.

The language today that is sorely needed is one of responsibility and not one of entitlements. Young people thrive on responsibility and struggle when they are relieved of responsibility. We need to foster young people who are proud of who they are who do not feel guilty for not being a minority. The narratives must be changed.

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