Leftists Attack Woman Peacefully Protesting Los Angeles Spa

by Leah Rosenberg

This is sickening. These people have lost all their sense of morals. The woman here has every right to protest at this Los Angeles Spa!

Los Angeles Spa Under Fire

A Los Angeles Spa has been the center of attention recently after a client complained about a transgender exposing his private parts in front of women and girls. The woman in this video is protesting outside the spa and is harassed by Antifa, as you can clearly see. They curse her and tell her to go away. They call her transphobic. She clearly stated that she has nothing against transgender people but that she just does not want to see their genitals. This woman is protesting very peacefully. And even when she is attacked, she stays peaceful and calm. Because violence isn’t the answer.

How much longer can things like this go on for? Leftists are attacking Americans for their beliefs and for being peaceful. If you feel differently than a Leftist, you basically have no place in this world. It is terrifying. This video is only one of many, many examples of how Leftists act.

Dr. Kedar on Afghanistan
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