Rep. Lee Zeldin Proved How Insane Ihan Omar Really is

by Phil Schneider

Over the decades, there has been a pro-Israel caucus in Congress. This has been very necessary due to a consistently hostile State Department. The State Department has stood against Israel – in nearly every administration – from 1948 till today. The greatest change and exception was during the Trump administration, when Secretary of State Pompeo changed the tenor and policies of the State Department completely.

Today, though, there are flat-out anti-Semites who are not just in Congress – they are on the House Foreign Affairs Committee. That means that they are privy to all kinds of information that is highly classified. But more than anything else, the main concern is that the Ilhan Omars of Congress are a growing phenomenon – not a temporary mistake.

The demographics of the United States are changing in such a way that it will be the norm for more and more pro-Arab Congressmen and Congresswomen to be elected in the coming years. The knee-jerk anti-Israel policies that they support are arguably based on nothing less than classical anti-Semitism. When Israel – according to Omar – is the source of all strife in the Middle East – including terror attacks from Hamas at Israeli towns, we know that we are not dealing with a reasonable person. Hamas and ISIS are only different in terms of their geographic locations. ISIS operates in the Iraq-Syria area, whereas Hamas operates in the southwestern side of the State of Israel. They both do not hide their aspirations to behead Israelis. Ilhan Omar blames Israel for this. If on 9/11 all Omar and her cohorts can say is that “something happened,” then we must know that we are dealing with nothing less than a fifth column that sits in the Halls of Congress. The Jan. 6th riot in Congress was indeed a dangerous day in the United States of America. But the quiet growth of an ISIS-Hamas supporting group in Congress is more dangerous to the security of the world.

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