IDF Carries Out Secret Operation Against Terrorists in Jenin

by Leah Rosenberg

The IDF’s covert mission ended with one of the terrorists in Jenin being killed as well as 2 PA officers, and one terrorist being arrested.

Operation in Jenin

The other night, Israel’s special counterterrorism unit call Yamam went into the Samarian city of Jenin, under Palestinian Authority rule, to arrest two Arab Muslim terrorists from the Islamic Jihad terror group who were believed to be behind a series of shooting attacks against Israeli security forces in recent weeks. The two terrorists were hiding right outside the headquarters of the Palestinian Authority Military intelligence unit.  

Two Palestinian Authority Military Intelligence officers on guard duty noticed the arrest operation taking place, with the undercover Israeli forces operating out of a civilian vehicle, and chose to engage, likely not realizing that this was an Israeli raid.

The Palestinian Authority Military officers on guard duty shot at the Israeli counterterrorism officers, who then shot back in self-defense. 

The two PA security officers killed in the exchange were identified by the Palestinian Authority as Lieutenant Adham Aliwi, 23, from the village of Zawata near Nablus, and Captain Taysir Issa, 33, of the town of Sanur near Jenin.

The third man killed was one of targets of the operation, Jamil Al-Amouri. The second suspect, Wisam Abu Zeid, was wounded and arrested.

The world might look at this as Israeli aggression because the world doesn’t care about the truth. In reality, Israel went in to capture terrorists – people who are by no means innocent in any sense of the word. And those who were killed were terrorists – because the Palestinian Authority is a terrorist entity. The PA is not a partner for peace, despite what the media wants you to believe.

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