Is Coexistence Possible? Religious Leaders in Acre think so.

by Leah Rosenberg

Coexistence requires all parties involved to want to live peacefully side by side. Is it possible? Yes. But the people have to want it.

Leaders of Major Religions Meet in Acre for Coexistence

For the leaders of major religions to meet together in the mixed city of Acre, where so much violence took place recently, to discuss coexistence is beautiful.

Last month, Arabs rioted throughout Israel. Those riots continued throughout Israel’s operation against Hamas in Gaza. And these were definitely not peaceful riots, if there even is such a thing. They destroyed and destroyed. And they even killed. Avi Har-Even, one of the former leaders of Israel’s space program as well as a winner of the Israel prize, died after serious injuries from an arson attack. The violent Arabs killed him.

In cities where coexistence once generally permeated the streets, the Arabs demolished the peace. It was a terrible thing to see. It was terrifying for those living in it. Israelis feared for their lives as the Arabs went mad.

Is it possible once again to have that peace? Can the Arabs and Jews be neighbors, living side by side? Maybe. But more leaders need to teach their people. Although there are some Arabs who want to live peacefully with the Jewish people in the Jewish homeland, many don’t. And the ones who don’t are violent about it, as we have seen time and time again.

Let’s hope that these religious leaders who joined together in Acre can make enough of a difference to bring everlasting peace to the streets of Israel.

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