Sky News Busts Al-Jazeera Journalist for Claim that the IDF Injured Her

by Phil Schneider

CNN is the standard bearer for lying journalism. However, there are others who have followed in their path of creating news when it was necessary to fit with a chosen narrative. Al Jazeera is a Qatar funded network that has sought to discredit Israel’s moral standing in the world – in any way possible. To say that Israel breaks arms of journalists is an excellent fit with the general idea of why Israel should be vilified and censured. But in this case, the journalist’s lies have been uncovered and revealed for all to see.

The good old days of Walter Cronkite type reporting have gone out of fashion. The days when we could trust the news reporting to report the news, and not to create the news, are gone. There are very few today who keep their opinions out of the reporting. That is why it is so critical in today’s world to dispel so many false notions that are spread by mainstream media. There are very few news outlets that can be trusted today. But there are individual journalists within each news outlet that can be trusted.

Sheryl Atkinson is one of the few journalists today who has lifted the veil on how the field of journalism has evolved in recent years. She explains that there are a few well-endowed influencers who set the story in motion for many outlets, and then a story gains credence in rapid-fire fashion from it’s being repeated again and again in a matter of hours by multiple outlets. This is why speed is so critical when fighting the fight on social media. It is not an easy battle, but it must be fought. If we don’t respond, we will be trampled on and lose our freedom and way of life.


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