Facebook Restricts Photo Thanking G-d, flagging it as “violent/graphic content”

by Phil Schneider

Facebook hires people to make sure that it’s readers are not exposed to sensitive content. The word sensitive is probably the most fungible word that can be twisted to include nearly anything and everything. Is G-d a sensitive issue? Apparently so.

G-d is indeed a very sensitive issue to those who are looking to have a world that does not have G-d as a central value in their existence. If G-d exists, and is a part of the lives that we live in, then the ramifications are major. If G-d exists, then there exist good and bad. There are things that are right and wrong. There are morals that we must cling to and morals that we must run away from.

Moral relativism is at the core of most of the values that the world is filled with today. It is a world in which masses of people think that there are no absolutes anymore. There is nothing that is pure evil. After all, everyone’s rights are what dictate. And one person’s evil is another person’s good. All of this falls apart if there is a central Higher Authority who provided the world with a set of morals to follow.

The truth is that Facebook is right. G-d is a sensitive issue – a very sensitive issue. The ramifications of G-d’s existence bring down many of the pillars that a post-Modern mindset are filled with.

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