How will the US airstrikes in Iraq affect Israel?

by Phil Schneider

President Trump is doing exactly what the United States should do in the Middle East. He is putting enormous economic pressure on Iran and Iranian proxies in the Middle East. This is leading Iran to have less ability to fund their proxies all over the Middle East. Moreover, the sanctions destabilize the entire Iranian hold on their own country. It is not out of the question that Iran will actually fold and experience an internal rebellion that will depose the rule of the Ayatollahs.

Alot of Sanctions and a Little Bit of Air Strikes

The United States policy on Iran is right on target. It would be unwise or imprudent to get into a prolonged battle with Iran now. Yes, Iran is the #1 threat to the Middle East. But when economic sanctions hurt, and in this case, they do, President Trump is wisely making sure to not get sucked in into a military conflict with Iran. Yes, Iran does not pose an existential threat to the United States. But they certainly do for Israel, and they have been the main destabilization force in the Middle East for the last few decades. But they can be dried up financially more effectively then they can be brought down militarily.

It takes alot of money to hold on to power and to keep your proxies well funded around the region. The United States has the ability to wield enormous power on an economic level. This is something that President Trump understands very well. He has been very effective at applying pressure when necessary. But there are indeed times when we will need to use force. Without countries understanding that the United States is willing to have boots on the ground economic pressure does not work as well. The threats must continue. The occasional air strikes accomplish this. Israel is fortunate to have a true friend and ally in the White House now. But more importantly, President Trump and Sec. Pompeo have had a steady hand on this issue and are managing the Iran issue very well.

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