Democrat publicly says where all the hate in NY is coming from

by Leah Rosenberg

It seems that many on the far Left have been blaming White Supremacy for the hate in NY and somehow blaming President Trump. But is that the truth?

Hate in NY is Coming from the Left

Dov Hikind is a Democrat himself. But he has no problem criticizing Democrats or the Left when there is something to be criticized. And here he tells the truth about where all the hate in NY has been coming from. It is coming from the Left. Hikind calls out his own party members for blaming the wrong source. That isn’t to say that White Supremacy is innocent. That isn’t to say that people on the far right have never committed hate crimes. Hate has come from all people and all sides. But we must label the correct group for the antisemitic attacks that have been happening in New York. If people can’t name it, how will they fight it?

Blaming the Right

New York City mayor, Mayor Bill de Blasio, actually blamed President Donald Trump for the most recent antisemitic attacks. After five Jews were stabbed in Monsey during a Hanukkah celebration, Mayor de Blasio blamed Trump. That is absolutely absurd! The Mayor ignores antisemitism and does not fight it. Trump, on the other hand, recently signed an Executive Order on antisemitism to help fight it. He is combatting antisemitism in a way that no other president has ever done. And then the NYC Mayor has the audacity to blame the president who has done more for the Jewish people and Israel than any other president? Shame on you, Mayor de Blasio. Shame on you.

The antisemitic attacks in New York recently have not been committed by White Supremacists. The Right is willing to call out the extremists on their side when it is necessary. Why can’t the Left do the same?

Motivation for Terror
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