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Rare view of a rainbow over the Temple Mount


The world creates so much controversy over the Temple Mount. But let’s just stop and take a minute to enjoy G-d’s rainbow over the Temple Mount.

Rainbow over the Temple Mount

Stunning. G-d’s splendor is everywhere. It may not be often that you get to see the beauty of a rainbow over the Temple Mount. So take it in. Enjoy it. Forget about all the “drama” that surrounds the holiest site of the Jewish nation. As the man in this video said, there is a blessing to recite when one sees a rainbow. Everything can be Godly and spiritual if you want it to be.

Praying for Rain

In Israel, now is the time of the year when Jews pray for rain. The country is dependent on rain during the winter. And the way to bring the rain is to ask G-d for it. Living in Israel makes everything a spiritual endeavor. In the diaspora, Jews do not usually view rain as something spiritual. But in Israel, asking for rain is another way to connect with G-d.

After the rain or during the rain, seeing a rainbow is exciting. Don’t forget to thank G-d for the rain AND the rainbow!