Hindu tells the honest truth about Israel, and it may surprise you

by Leah Rosenberg

When a man from India who was not born into the Jewish nation says the truth about Israel, you’ll want to listen up. It sounds good to hear this!

The Indian Who Loves Israel

Sonu Gupta loves Israel and supports it with all his heart and soul. Is he Jewish? No. But does he feel like the Jewish people in the Jewish state discriminate against him and his beliefs? Also, no. That might be surprising to those who only listen to the media and news headlines and do not seek the truth.

Sonu came to Israel 6 years ago and feels more accepted than he could have ever imagined.

He takes care of a few Holocaust survivors, which is one of the most unselfish jobs he could have.

Israel was nothing like what he saw on the news. The headlines and the TV showed complete lies.

The Truth About Israel

Gupta proudly shares the truth about Israel. He has no shame. He takes to social media and publicly tells the world what really happens in Israel.

This Hindu does not feel threatened in Israel. He understands Israel.  The truth is that Israel does not feel like a war zone.  The people do not discriminate against other faiths or religions.  Sonu loves the food, the culture, the people – he loves it all.

It is appreciated and noticed when people of different faiths support the Jewish state.  Because when you know the truth about Israel, it is hard not to love this country!

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