Watch IDF Overnight Operations that Eliminate the Barkan and Ofra Terrorist Killers

by Avi Abelow

Last night IDF operations across Judea and Samaria were successful.  The IDF tracked down and killed terrorists from the recent shooting attacks. The IDF took out both the terrorist who killed two Israelis two months ago at the Barkan industrial park and the terrorist who killed the yet to be born baby.  That infant died last night from his wounds.

Watch the IDF units in action

Baby Killer

The three day old baby who died last night was a victim of the terror shooting attack three days ago.  In the attack, the baby’s 30-week pregnant mother and father were both sounded severely. When the baby’s mother was brought to the hospital they did an emergency c-section to deliver the baby in order to try to save the life of the mother.  Thank G-d, the mother’s condition is now stable. The attack took place outside the Jewish community of Ofra, in the Samaria region.

Last night, IDF special forces went on a search for the Ofra terrorists inside the village of Surda in the Ramallah area. They then had an exchange of fire with a group of terrorists.

According to preliminary reports, Salah Barghouti, one of the Ofra terrorists, was killed by the IDF. They arrested another terrorist suspected of being involved in that shooting as well.

Barkan Terror Attack

Two months ago an Arab employee of the Barkan Industrial park in Samaria went to work and shot, execution style, two Jewish workers in their office. Kim Levengrond Yehezkel and Ziv Hajbi were the two Jewish victims.  They each left behind children and spouses.

The IDF has been searching for the terrorist who killed Kim and Ziv for two months. They finally found him last night hiding in the Askar refugee camp in Nablus/Shechem.

The IDF officer said that “the terrorist was defined by us as a violent attacker.  Therefore, there was urgency to kill him before he carried out another attack. It has been a whole week since entire units in the army have stopped their operations in order to deal exclusively with pursuing him.”

“The information about his location was received yesterday by the Shin Bet. We arrived covertly to the area.  Our working assumption was that he would fight and not surrender. The urgency was to arrest him before he carried out another attack. We will be investigating the path he traversed over the last two months.”

“This year, we arrested 2,700 terrorists who planned to carry out terrorist attacks, and some of them succeed in carrying out their attacks, as in this case,” the officer said. “The big story of Judea and Samaria is the very fact that the thwarting of terror attempts is being done deep in the field. It is this that allows for the prevention of thousands of terrorists from carrying out their plots.”

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