Two IDF Soldiers Murdered in Second Shooting Terror Attack this Week

by Avi Abelow

This is the second drive-by shooting terror attack where Jews were shot and murdered by Muslim terrorists for just being Jews living in our homeland.

Drive-By Shooting

The IDF recently came out with a statement that the two killed were IDF soldiers.

While standing at a bus stop on the main highway, 60, that crosses Judea and Samaria, four innocent Jews standing at a bus stop were shot by a Muslim Arab terrorist who got out of a passing car, shot them and then returned to the car and escaped from the scene. The shooting took place at the bus stop near the community of Givat Assaf in the Binyamin region, between the towns of Beit El and Ofra.

Two of the people who were shot were pronounced dead at the scene of the shooting.

Two additional victims of the attack were seriously wounded.

After last nights IDF actions in the surrounding areas of Ramallah, where IDF forces found the terrorist killer from Sunday’s attack, the IDF returned to the area to surround Ramallah once again in efforts to find today’s terrorist. The IDF believes the terrorist escaped into Ramallah.

Terror in the Name of “Palestine”

This is more of the despicable, horrendous Jew hatred terror in the name of a fake cause called “palestine” that we have been living with for years! Another drive-by terror shooting attack murders two more Jews with two others seriously injured.

Our Jew hating neighbors who call themselves “palestinians” should not celebrate, they will be wiped from history and the Jews will survive! We outlived the Greeks, Romans, Nazis and we will outlive the Muslim-Nazis of today!!!‬ “Palestinians” are a people created in the 1960s as part of a strategy to destroy Israel. They might like to call themselves “palestinians” today, but that was a brilliant marketing move. In truth, they have no history as a people in our land, none at all.

Some people will not like that I wrote “Muslim Nazis”. But they must take a moment to step back from the politically correct culture we live in and seriously consider the following: Both the Fatah/Palestinian Authority & Hamas educate their children via school textbooks and television programs to kill Jews. Mother’s & Fathers raise their children to kill Jews. All using Muslim texts & Imams. That is Nazism! Today! Right in front of our eyes! Yet so many good people prefer to ignore this reality 😞

This is what we are up against, a culture! NOT, “lone” terrorists!!!

And NO, I’m not a racist for saying this truth! Not all Muslims are like this! I care more about the freedom loving Muslims than all those who scream “racism” & “Islamaphobia”. The only way to get rid of this Nazism in Islam is to recognize it and destroy it. For the benefit of all freedom loving people, including the freedom loving Muslims!!!

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