Thousands of non-Jews from all over the world marched to support Israel – and the result is magnificent

by Leah Rosenberg

Sometimes, it feels like the whole world is against Israel. Then there are moments like these where thousands march in Jerusalem to support Israel.

Is the World Against Israel?

The media often times portrays Israel as an aggressor, an oppressor, and an evil state. The news stories about Israel do not favor the Jewish state. In fact, the headlines seem to support terrorism – as surprising as that may be. And it is brainwashing millions of people to do so as well.

The United Nations is constantly voting on resolutions against Israel – even when Israel has done nothing wrong. The UN ignores what goes on in Syria, Iran, and tens of other oppressive countries. They only focus on Israel – evidence of a complete double standard.

College campuses are filled with anti-Semitic teachers, rallies, speakers, students, clubs, and more.

The list of people and places in the world who are against Israel is never ending.

But sometimes, there is hope.

Thousands of non-Jews Support Israel

Recently, people from all nations of the world came to Jerusalem to march in support of Israel. Amidst all the anti-Israel feelings spreading throughout the world, this parade was so important.

The entire world is NOT against Israel. And here is the proof. Supporting Israel is not only something that Jews do. As clearly seen in this march, thousands upon thousands of non-Jews support the Jewish state. They support what Israel represents: democracy, freedom, human rights, morality.

So, the next time it feels like the whole world is rallying against Israel, just take a look at this video and remember how many friends Israel truly has.

Dr. Risch

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