“Palestinian” father chases son with knife and teaches him to stab Jews

by Leah Rosenberg

Is this proper Arab education? Watch as this “Palestinian” father teaches his little child how to stab Jews with a knife. Horrific!

The Wrong Arab Education

Arabs have the ability to stop radical Islam from spreading. But it starts with educating children properly. And as seen in this video, “Palestinian” Arab education is equal to child abuse. It is chilling to watch in this video as a father chases (what is assumed to be) his child with a knife. Why does he chase him? To teach him to stab Jews! At such a young age, these “Palestinian” children’s minds are being poisoned.

And take a look on the child’s face. Look at his body movement. He seems frightened. How can any father do this to his child? It is sickening. If the world does not stop this, then radical ideas will continue to spread. There cannot be peace if this is what the next generation is taught. This is not what any child of any culture should be learning! And sadly, radical Islam has brainwashed too many children.

Israel’s Enemies

Israel’s enemies teach hate, not love. And despite the fact that these enemies surrounding Israel on all sides are constantly threatenening Israel and putting so many lives in danger, the Jewish people STILL teach love. They do not teach to hate and murder. Yes, they may teach to defend. But what other choice do they have? If soldiers and civilians as well do not defend themselves, their state, and their people, who will?

The media won’t. College campuses won’t. Most other countries won’t. So Israel needs to defend itself. It is absurd that the world denounces Israel for defending itself but not the “Palestinians” for teaching their children to stab and murder Jews. As Golda Meir, former prime minister of Israel said, “Peace will come when the Arabs will love their children more than they hate us.”


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