Hezbollah Wants To Steal Israeli Gas Fields – Can The US Stop The Next War?

by David Mark

The US is frantically trying to find a way to stop the coming war between Hezbollah and Israel.

This is why the American administration is taking such an active role in trying to bring Israel and Lebanon together in agreement on a new maritime border. Israel has real interests in the Kish Gas field which they are already using and Lebanon now wants a piece of the action.

Even if the US succeeds in bringing Israel and Lebanon to an agreement, there is one problem – Hezbollah. The terror entity in Southern Lebanon, which in a sense controls Lebanon, will not be able to abide by it and Israel knows this.

This has always been the fallacy of the State Department run foreign policy at Foggy Bottom. They can get as many peace deals as they want, but in reality they are meaningless. It would be better if Israel rejected the US plan and braced itself for impact, because that is far more realistic than what the US is proposing.

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