This Jewish Piece of Advice Will Change Your Life Forever

by Leah Rosenberg

It’s simple. It’s life-changing. And it is a major part of being Jewish. This idea is built into our daily lives.

Be Jewish, Be Thankful

For those who truly understand what it means to be Jewish, they realize how special the religion is. They realize that the values in which Judaism is built upon is a value system that makes life, simply put, good. Judaism is built upon love, peace, community, prayer, acts of kindness, and more. Judaism is built upon the idea of being thankful. Gratitude is a concept that can change one’s life for the better. If one views their entire life through the lens of gratitude, everything is better.

And that is why Jewish people start their day with being thankful. They start their day with saying “Modeh Ani” to G-d. It is a short prayer that thanks G-d for waking us up; for returning our souls. We thank G-d for a new day that He gave us to accomplish great things. We thank G-d for the blessings he bestows upon us. The same people can see a situation in two completely different ways depending on which “glasses” they wear.

Sometimes, the most simple concepts are hardest to implement. This is not an easy task to start our days with gratitude. But it is most definitely worth it. If we shift our focus at the beginning of the days, our days will change for the better. G-d has placed the power in our hands to choose to start our days in a positive way.

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