Hezbollah Blasts The North With Over 50 Missiles – Israel Retaliates

by David Mark

With the news being focused on the pending hostage and ceasefire deal cooked up by Biden’s team and the Qataris, many around the world most likely missed the escalation on Israel’s northern border.

Hezbollah and Israel have been going at it for days, but today’s volley of rockets on the north was different. It was the largest single amount of rockets Hezbollah has sent since the beginning of the war. The IDF responded forcefully, but the exchange is an ominous sing of what is about to come.

Israel has no choice but to take out Hezbollah now. The best time to do this, is during the so-called ceasefire when no one expects it. Bibi has no chance to stay as Prime Minister once the war is over. This need to stay Israel’s leader no matter the cost While its true, a war with Hezbollah could be devastating to Israel – the longer Israel waits, the worst it will be.

Biden’s team may be holding the Israeli government back from dealing a devastating blow to Hezbollah, but it is only a matter of time before the current leadership in Jerusalem attacks in a way that will end the northern threat once and for all.

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