Recognizing Our Amazing Reality Through the Tragedy

by Avi Abelow

So, today is my English birthday. Instead of celebrating with family in my ancestral homeland, I’m here about to leave Tampa, Florida, spreading the inspiring truth about Israel & the Jewish people 🙂

Thank you HaShem for allowing me to make it to this milestone! The big 50. Wow!!! So hard to internalize that. But I feel like a 30 year old in spirit, with the physical ability to still serve in my IDF reserve duty, so I have nothing to complain about.

I want to take advantage of this milestone and share a blessing with everyone.

I bless everyone to wake-up to our amazing reality we are living through today. Yes, amazing. Even though tragedy and sadness surrounds us, and Jews worldwide are waking up to a world where Jew-hatred, and genocide of the Jew, is not just tolerated but celebrated, we are being ushered into amazing times for those who recognize it.

We have been blessed with the opportunity to wake up to reality! The reality of the Jew & the Jewish people being different and discriminated against.

The 70 year post-Holocaust bubble, as I like to call it, during which antisemitism was considered taboo, has burst.

We have been returned to the normal, yet sad reality of the Jew. We are hated. But, it is not as bad as it sounds.

Humanity is waiting for us to take our place in the world to be a light on to the nations!

The world will totally change its attitude towards us when we truly start fulfilling our purpose as a people. Not a people that follows popular culture and the social values of the day, but a people that acts as we are supposed to act, according to our 3,000 year old national traditions and morales.

My blessing is that as many Jews in the diaspora as possible wake up to reality and start their aliyah process to come move home to Israel, not to escape the growing antisemitism, but to come home!

It is only in Israel, our ancestral homeland, that we truly fulfill our purpose as the Jewish people. Humanity is waiting for us to own our true identity, as individuals and as a nation!

And to just add some realistic, inspiring words about the war.

Understand this…

The morale of our IDF soldiers, and of the people in Israel, is high, despite the tragedy that we still mourn deeply.

I keep on saying in my Pulse of Israel video updates that we are winning this war, and we will win this war, because of the unbelievable King David fighting spirit and faith of the fighting soldiers.

Not because of the IDF/military leadership, who are corrupt and weak, but despite them. It’s the low ranking officers on the ground with the fighting soldiers who are winning this war for us, both physically and spiritually.

Our enemies, external & internal, did not take that into consideration when they launched this tragedy upon us. They thought we would collapse as a society and as an army, but the strength of Am Yisrael and of the fighting soldiers on the ground killed their plan. HaShem is with us.

I’m not depressed about the situation at all.

Despite our weak leadership, we will win!

All the corruption on top, and within our deep state, will be exposed at the end of this. And Am Yisrael will be victorious.

While I’m devastated about the price we are paying, help me help people put more focus on the positive process that I just described above.

If you are in any mood for a birthday present, go to Pulse of Israel dot com and click to donate to support our work so that we can produce even more videos, and promote them to reach many, many more people!

Thank you!

Am Yisrael Chai!!!

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