Will The IDF Be Allowed To Defeat Hamas After The Hostages Return?

by David Mark

Despite major problems with the hostage deal and doubts running through Israel that the IDF will be able to turn on its war machine the day after the ceasefire ends, there is no disagreement regarding the joy all Israelis felt when seeing the release of the 26 Israeli hostages and 14 foreigners from the clutches of Hamas.

From the moment the hostage deal was signed, Israel has run the risk of watching its momentum being ground to a halt. If Hamas had one major aim in talks about returning the hostages, it was using them to ensure it can gain a much needed break from the IDF.

From the beginning of the war, Israel’s aims were both the return of the hostages and the eradication of Hamas. Unfortunately, the longer it takes to deal a death blow to Hamas, the higher the probability it will not happen. While it’s true that the IDF has been successful in crushing Hamas in Northern Gaza, that sector has yet to be fully cleaned out. The IDF still needs to move south finish cleansing that area of Hamas and Hamas affiliated groups – both political and military.

Given Hamas’ strategy of using the hostages as a way of stringing out the war, the opportunity for Israel to deal a decisive blow to Hamas and its Jihadist Nazi sympathizers may be slipping away. If Israel settles for anything less than total control of the Gaza Strip, it will be deemed a loss and forever weaken Israel’s deterrence – degrading the Jewish State’s sense of security over a period of time.

For Israel to be declared the winner, the political echelon must stop worrying about the foreign funded Tel Aviv centric protests claiming to care about the release of the hostages and rather focus on defeating the enemy once and for all. Any nation or groups of people dedicated to destroying the Jewish people cannot be allowed to exist – especially within the Land of Israel. The IDF must be set free from the shackles of faux western morality and instead play by a new set of rules that have only one goal in mind – total destruction of Israel’s enemies.


mhandels November 26, 2023 - 4:41 am

Will the IDF be allowed to defeat Hamas after the hostages return? Yes, G-d willing the IDF liberates the Hamas-occupied Gaza Strip. When Israel controls the Gaza Strip, Israel’s deterrence posture will be restored. Keep up the great work with your articles. Shalom, Marc Handelsman, USA

Gershompesach November 26, 2023 - 4:16 pm

Nope! As soon as Israel began a negotiation—Israel lost the initiative, Hamas was in charge…. Did Hitler give Leningrad a “time out?”… Did Stalin give Berlin a time out? Did the air forces of Brit & US give Dresden a time out…. Israel has already lost… U R dealing w/worse than Nazis & U R giving them relief supplies… Grow a pair of ביצים!!!

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