Hamas official gives speech in Gaza that should make EVERYONE listen to Israel

by Leah Rosenberg

This is what a Hamas official chose to say to everyone listening up. Children are there. Is this how peace is going to come? Israel continuously tries and this is what they facing as a partner for peace….

Hamas official’s Horrific Speech

Fathi Hammad, a Hamas political leader, gave a speech that should agitate anyone and everyone. If a Hamas official is saying things like this, how is Israel supposed to make peace? There is no such thing as peace with a terrorist organization. And Hamas IS a terrorist organization.

Hammad said things like, “The day of your slaughter, extermination, and annihilation has drawn near.” It does not take a genius to realize that those words will not bring a peaceful future – or anything similar. And the thing is, these types of speeches are being said in front of children. How will the next generation be any different if children are hearing this type of rhetoric constantly?

The World Should Side with Israel

After watching something like this, it seems obvious that the world should stand with Israel. After all, Israel is a democracy. Israel is a country that gives freedom to people of all faiths and religions. They do not discriminate. They are not a terrorist state. It is just absurd that more of the world chooses to side with Hamas over Israel. Even the UN refuses to condemn Hamas. But they have no issue passing hundreds of resolutions against the Jewish state.

This is just a glimpse at what Israel is up against. They are fighting terrorism on a daily basis. And to not stand with Israel is absolutely wrong. Who would willingly choose to side with the terrorists?

Col. Kemp

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