The video that makes it clear why God chose the land of Israel as His own

by Chaya Cikk

The beauty of the land of Israel is absolutely breathtaking. There are no words for such a stunning land. The birds eye view is amazingly awe inspiring.

The Land

The Land that God chose is called Israel. It stretches from the desert in the south to the green mountains in the north. There are so many different types of landscapes. It is what makes it so beautifully breathtaking and well worth a visit. The water that is flowing through the lakes and the rivers is delightful to look at it, as well as to listen to the waterfalls. The place is tranquil. It’s a miracle how there are so many springs and small lakes in the desert. When sitting there watching the water I feel it is definitely something to be thankful for.

The desert is such a quiet place, so peaceful that you can get lost in your thoughts. In a city you do not have the pleasure of looking up and seeing the stars. There is always pollution or lights making it difficult to see. But in the desert there is generally always a clear sky where you can look up and see the stars. The different colors of the sand help shape the beauty that are the mountains of the desert. There are so many different shades of brown, it is fascinating. Do you know how many shades of brown there are?

Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is also known as the Salty Sea. This beauty is located in southern Israel. The Dead Sea is located 430 meters below sea level. It is a sea much saltier than the ocean. As a result, people when swimming in the sea can float. It is an amazing experience.

Some of the holes, as seen in the video are known as sinkholes. They happen when some of the surface collapses. Sinkholes vary in size and some form gradually or some form suddenly. Yes, they are quite dangerous but they are beautiful looking.

Roe vs. Wade

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