Australian politicians silence apartheid claims against Israel

by Leah Rosenberg

Every country has them – politicians who claim Israel is an apartheid state. But those apartheid claims were slammed by two members of DIFFERENT parties.

Apartheid Claims

Listen to Rachael Jacobs make absurd claims. She is Greens Senate Candidate for New South Wales as well as lecturer at Western Sydney University. Jacobs is spreading lies about Israel. She has no ides what she is talking about! Her apartheid claims are anything but the truth. She should come to Israel and see the diversity. Rachael Jacobs should see how there are Jews AND Arabs in the Israeli government. How Arabs own and work in shops, malls, restaurants, and hospitals throughout the Jewish state. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that this is not apartheid…

Dreyfus and Wilson Defend Israel

Mark Dreyfus and Tim Wilson are two Australian politicians. Together, they proudly defended Israel against the lies. Literally in unison, they declared: “Israel is not an apartheid state.” Although they are from different political parties, they can agree on the truth: Israel is a democracy. And calling Israel an apartheid state is racist. It is antisemitic. It is wrong. And it is just false.

Hearing politicians from other countries stand up for the Jewish state is always encouraging. Thank you, Mr. Dreyfus and Mr. Wilson!

BDS Exposed
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