The Most Banned Woman on the Internet Visits Jerusalem

by Avi Abelow

Laura Loomer just had an amazing visit experiencing Jerusalem. She gets it. She understands how special it is to be part of the Jewish people living in our homeland, Israel. Unfortunately her millions of online followers couldn’t see her updates because she has been banned. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have all banned her from their platforms because of her conservative views. She is one of many prominent conservative voices to be recently banned from the social media platforms. Do not miss her amazing insight about visiting Jerusalem and Israel.

Loomer came to Israel with her producer Stephen, who also shares his thoughts about visiting Jerusalem and Israel in the video. This was Stephen’s first visit to Israel and Jerusalem. This has been an experience that Stephen will never forget! Do not miss either of their deep reflections upon this visit in the video.

Loomer is a proud Jewish Zionist and was the first journalist to expose the antisemitism of the women’s march leaders and of the Congresswomen Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, during their election campaigns.

Loomer came to Israel to show her followers the truth about Israel that the fake news in the mainstream media hides. Even though the social media censorship is making her work harder, she is still committed to doing everything she can, and use every channel available to her, to stand up for the truth.

It was a pleasure to join Laura and Stephen on their day in Jerusalem. The plan was to go up and visit the Temple Mount, the holiest place for the Jewish people, and not the Western Wall, which is just the retaining wall for the Temple Mount. However, because it is the Muslim month of Ramadan, Israel allows Muslims to restrict Jews from visiting the Temple Mount and it was forbidden for us to visit. So we visited the Western Wall of the Temple Mount instead.

People do not know that the Muslims enforce religious discrimination against Jews, Christians and all non-Muslims on the Temple Mount. Even though it is the holiest site to the Jewish people, Muslims are allowed up whenever they want while non-Muslims are restricted to visit only a few hours a day. Muslims are allowed to pray on the Mount, while Jews are forbidden to pray or even utter blessings. We are even forbidden from drinking water from the water fountains on the Temple Mount because the Muslims do not want Jews to say any blessings!

What Laura understands is that Islam is a religion of power and symbolism. Islam means submission, not peace. And Islam is about ensuring that every other religion and religious person submits to Allah, since Islam is the only religion. The Muslim discrimination against Jews and Christians on the Temple Mount is about their making sure all other religions submit to their religious demands.

As I explained to Laura and Stephen, true peace for humanity will only come when the Jewish people are the sovereign on the Temple Mount allowing freedom of religion and worship for all on the Mount. Because to Islam that is the strongest message that they are not above the rest of us. Only then will true peace be possible. So long as all other religions appease Islam, and “submits” to Islam, not only is peace impossible, but that empowers Muslims to continue their sharia/jihadi campaign to take over civilization.

Today, without her millions of social media followers, Laura has launched her own website, and started a Telegram account.

Follow her. You can follow my Telegram account as well for the inspiring truth about Israel and our battle to protect the freedom loving world from the spread of sharia/jihadi Muslims.


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