Biblical prophecy is happening before our eyes

by Leah Rosenberg

Biblical prophecy is happening all around us. Will we choose to look at the signs, or will we ignore the truth? Clearly, God is running the show.

Biblical Prophecy

There is a concept in Judaism called “Maaseh avot siman l’banim.” That means that what happened to our forefathers is a sign to us, the future generations. Although the faces change, the stories are similar. Haven’t Israel’s enemies learned their lesson yet? Babylon is modern day Iraq. Persia is modern day Iran. Nations keep trying to destroy Israel, but they will fail.

Poetry Slam

In 2013, an Orthodox Jewish rapper, singer, and songwriter named Ari Lesser wrote a song to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The lyrics present this idea perfectly – that history repeats itself. Lesser goes through the Purim story of the wicked Haman of Persia who wanted to destroy the entire Jewish people in one day. He then tells Ahmadinejad that he is just like Haman. Some of the lyrics are as follows:

This song goes out to Ahmadinejad.
The Jews don’t fear you, we fear God…
Not first to curse us, won’t be the last.
And if I were you a would learn from the past.
Many came before you to do us wrong.
But they’re all long gone, and we still stand strong…
President of Iran your just like Haman.
But instead of the gallows you’re building a bomb.
You want to see Mordechai’s family dead.
But your wickedness’ll drop down on your own head.
Open your ears, we won’t disappear.
Been here three thousand eight hundred years.
We were slaves to Pharaoh, but God set us free.
And tossed the Egyptians in the Red Sea.
The wicked Balak and Bilaam tried messing
With us, but their curse turn into a blessing.
Canaanites tried to fight us but all
Of them had to fall like Jericho’s walls.
Goliath the Philistine talked a lot.
Before he got knocked him out with a slingshot.
Assyrians conquered every other land.
But they ran when they came up against God’s hand.
Babylon took us into captivity.
But we’re back, they been gone since BCE.
And Haman, who decreed every Jew should die.
Got hanged on the gallows he made for Mordechai.
Our enemies fade but we still exist.
Do you really want to add your name to the list?
You’ve warned if you don’t proceed with caution
We’ll name a food after you like Hamantaschen.

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