The antisemitic tweets that are so terrible, you have to laugh

by Leah Rosenberg

These antisemitic tweets are so ridiculous and horrific, that you might actually laugh. How else can you respond to such absurdity?

The Most Foolish Antisemitic Tweets

Listen to these antisemitic tweets. What can you make of them? It is sad that people actually say such awful things about Jewish people. Not only are these tweets antisemitic, but they do not even make any sense!

The responses from the people reading the tweets out loud are priceless. They are so thrown off and have nothing to respond with aside from humor.

Rise in Antisemitism

B’nai Brith Canada released a 2018 Audit of Antisemitic Incidents. There were 2,041 antisemitic incidents in Canada last year. And guess what? 80% of them took place on social media. Can you imagine that? Social media should be used as a platform for good. It should NOT be used for racism and bigotry. Do these antisemites have nothing better to do with their lives aside from using social media for such horrible things?

The Jews Are Still Proud

They are trying to break the Jewish people, but they are failing. You can see that even just from the responses to the various tweets. The antisemites are attempting to use hate to bring the Jewish people down, but the Jews are only standing prouder and taller. Do they really think that they can destroy us when nation after nation, empire after empire, has tried and failed? Don’t they realize we have been around for thousands of years, and we are not going anywhere?

(This video, produced by, reveals what is happening all too often)

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