Another biased resolution against Israel at the UN – US votes “no”

by Leah Rosenberg

What exactly does the UN do? The truth is that it does very little. But the little that it does is very biased – namely biased against Israel. The idea of the UN serving as an international body that would serve as a place for nations to serve together and work together to advance world peace.

The founders, like Eleanor Roosevelt, had wonderful intentions. But of late, the UN has nearly exclusively served as a platform to bash Israel with one resolution after another. This in a world when a Syrian Civil War kills hundreds of thousands of Syrians, and refugees from all over other Muslim countries have come through the doors of tens of countries all over the world.

A Vote to Condemn Israel

It is not merely the smaller Muslim nations that vote against the State of Israel time and again. It is also large countries in Europe that are generally considered more Western. But the main flaw of the international body is the one vote for one nation norm. The Arab or Islamic group is more than 50 countries and they deal in vote-trading with other countries – all in order to put global pressure on Israel.

So, should Israel try harder? Is there anything Israel can do? The answer is no and yes. Israel will never be able to win votes when the game is basically fixed. But, when Israel is able to isolate the Arab anti-Semitic regimes from the other countries, then Israel will largely be able to win a moral victory – even if it’s not a political victory.

Nikki Haley made an impact, but perhaps the most important thing that can be impacted within the UN is some form of exposure of the worst regimes that speak up against Israel.

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