The antisemitism on college campuses just became even worse

by Leah Rosenberg

Antisemitism is on the rise, everywhere. The places we really need to be concerned about are the University campuses. More antisemitic rallies are being held, more pro-Gaza rallies. What’s happening on campuses is getting worse.


Adults go to University to study, to enhance their knowledge, to shape their minds. Whether going to study a degree for the purposes of advancing your career or studying just for knowledge. University is an experience, whether staying on or off campus.

Recent years have shown a rise in antisemitism on College campuses, not just in America but all over the World. There have been incidents on many University and College Campuses, such as the University of North Carolina, San Francisco State University, Kings College London, McGill University in Canada. The list is endless.

Incidents on campuses vary across the spectrum. Even if students are holding a rally to stop the occupation in Gaza and Judea and Samaria, help the Palestinians. Many hold protests against Israel and against the Jewish People as a whole. Some students have even protested outside the Hillel, where the Jewish Students gather.

Many Professors may have opinions on the situation in Israel and the Israeli Government and the Jewish People. But they should be giving fair opinions and teachings in their classes. The students should be giving all the information necessary to make their own opinion. Professors should not be forcing their opinions on others.

Antisemitism vs Anti-Zionism

Antisemitism is hostility, prejudice or discrimination against the Jewish People. Hate towards the Jewish People has been on the rise over recent years, especially on University Campuses. A professor from West Virginia defines political antisemitism as “hostility toward Jews based on the belief that Jews seek national and/or world power.”

Anti-Zionism is the term broadly defined in the modern era to oppose the political movement of Jews to self-determination. Within the territory of the historic Land of Israel. It is also defined as opposition to the State of Israel after it was established in 1948.

Many of the rallies and protests and talks held on University campuses are more often against the State of Israel. Whether it is because the students feel the Palestinians aren’t being treated right, or because Israel should end their occupation in Judea and Samaria and Gaza. This is Anti Zionism.

There are rallies and talks that the theme is the Jews. Some of these people might feel the Jews have all the money and control politics or control the media. This is antisemitism. The biggest question is now, what can be done about the hate happening on College campuses?

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