Online Censorship is Growing and it Threatens Us All

by Avi Abelow

This video must be seen by all. We produced the following video a year ago titled “Don’t Shut Us Up” warning about the online censorship we were already seeing and experiencing ourselves. Now, censorship has hit scary levels, and it is probably still only the beginning of what is planned.

3 Steps to Help Our Fight for Israel Online and Overcome the Growing Censorship

The List of Censorship is Growing

Facebook and Twitter are removing people’s accounts! Three of the more high profile accounts recently deplatformed are Tommy Robinson, Laura Loomer and James Woods. None of their voices are a danger to society that needs to be silenced. It is clear that their free speech is being denied because of their ideologies.

Friday, Facebook banned Candece Own from posting for a week because of disagreeing ideologically with her post! Look at this post for yourself. Ideological censorship is written all over it!

Censoring Posts with Pictures of Banned People!

These platforms are also censoring posts with pictures of people who are banned. When people post pictures of Tommy Robinson, who has recently been banned, facebook removes the pictures!

This is absolute lunacy. The scariest thing is that even when pictures are posted with the face of the banned person blurred, facebook still removes the picture!

Avi Yemini has tried it a couple of times on his Instagram account and Instagram then removes the picture!

Michelle Malkin’s recently posted a post with a picture supporting Laura Loomer and Gavin McInnes, who were both banned from facebook. Not only was Malkin’s post removed, but she was also sent a warning for supposedly “violating facebook community standards”. This is scary stuff.

This is only the tip of the iceberg.

President Trump Steps In

President Trump has gone public announcing his administration will fight for free speech online. He has launched a national social media censorship survey for citizens to share their stories. What will be done with the survey results is still an open question.

Online Censorship Noticed by the President

We began to experience censorship on facebook and twitter already more than three years ago when pro-Israel posts we were making were being removed and our facebook page of over 500,000 followers was shut down. We are back on, but we do not know what the future holds. So if you want to follow us on social media, from now on click here to follow us on Telegram.

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