MUST WATCH: Banned for Saying the Truth! Online Censorship is Growing

by Avi Abelow

As always, Paul Joseph Watson does a great job breaking down the reality of the growing online censorship by silicon valley companies. Tommy Robinson, Laura Loomer, James Woods and Paul Joseph Watson himself are only some of the high profile accounts that have been shut down and censored on social media.

Facebook Censorship

Facebook removes Michelle Malkin’s post featuring Laura Loomer and Gavin McInnes for supposedly violating its community standards.

Not only is Facebook shutting down accounts, it seems that its censorhip is even spreading to removing pictures with banned personalities! Facebook is stepping up its restrictions on what you can and can’t post to the platform by prohibiting the posting of photos that feature people who have been previously banned.

It seems to have been taken down because it featured photos of two people who have been banned from Facebook – independent journalist Laura Loomer and political commentator Gavin McInnes. Facebook has already said that it bans people for associating with individuals that are banned from its platforms and now it appears to be further tightening the rules and making posting photos of banned figures a crime.

Twitter Censorship

Twitter locked the account of a journalist at the over 2-Yr-Old Tweet Critical of Islam and forces her to delete it.

Cristina Laila is the journalist and this is what she reported:

“Well, I am a first generation Armenian American Christian and I am being silenced by Twitter for defending my President and my beliefs. Let that sink in.”

“Twitter locked me out of my account for tweeting, “Muslim Hasan Minhaj blasted our President but has no problem with 1400 years of his ‘religions’ barbarism.” (screenshot below).”

Twitter Legal department also sent Laila emails with death threats from the Pakistani government, who complained her tweets violated Pakistan’s Islamic blasphemy laws.

Jamie Glazov, a Canadian columnist and critic of Islam also received the same Twitter message, as did Pamela Geller, after a post critizicing Linda Sarsour!

Why is Twitter standing up for Pakistani laws? Twitter is a US company and these people are all US citizens!

It smells as if Twitter, Facebook and the other silicon valley companies are enforcing sharia law and shutting down conservatives who are vocally critical of the evil that exists within Islam.

This is a very scary development.

MUST WATCH: Don’t Shut Us Up

We produced the following video a year ago warning about the online censorship we were already seeing, and experiencing ourselves.

We began to experience censorship on facebook and twitter already more than three years ago when pro-Israel posts we were making were being removed and our facebook page of over 500,000 followers was shut down. We are back on, but we do not know what the future holds. So if you want to follow us on social media, from now on click here to follow us on Telegram.


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