US considers sending 5,000 more troops to Middle East amid tensions with Iran

by Leah Rosenberg

Sending more troops to the Middle East is not a petty decision. It means something. Trump wants to create a better future with Iran. Is it possible?

Sending Troops to the Middle East

President Trump wants things to change with Iran. It IS possible to have peace. Iran was once a thriving and modern country – not so long ago. They had good relations with America. They were friendly.

Can sending more troops to the Middle East, along with other measures taken, potentially help bring back that peace? Imagine what the world would be like if Iran was no longer a terrorist regime.

Iranian Regime Destroying the Good

Iranians are mad. They want new leaders. The economy is dwindling. Sanctions are affecting them. But the Iranian president Hassan Rouhani does not care about his people. Ali Khamenei just wants to destroy democracy in the world. There are food shortages, inflation is up, there is civil unrest – things are bad. But the Iranian regime has not yet given in.

A country whose leaders are more focused on destroying rather than building up their own country and people will ultimately fall. Ideally, America wants to reach a plan through political means. But whatever needs to be done to protect Americans and to not allow Iran to be the top state sponsor of terror will be done.

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