KGB defector warned of the silent war being waged against America

by Leah Rosenberg

Has the Cold War been replaced by a silent war? This is obviously a very troubling thought. Could it be that following the defeat of the Soviet Union in the Cold War, the leftover elements of the Soviet Union that are now dominant in Russia – specifically Vladimir Putin – are still hoping to defeat the United States on a more subtle front?

The answer is maybe or probably. It is probably true that Putin or some of the other leaders of Russia yearn for the good old days of a Russian Empire or a strong Soviet Union. But it is also true that they do not have the kind of economic clout nor international clout to truly threaten the United States or the rest of the world. Or maybe they do, and it’s being done in a subtle way that is under the radar of the CIA and other counter intelligence agencies. I doubt it. The United States has some pretty nifty chess players too. The United States can sometimes be tricked. But as a whole, the CIA operatives learn from their mistakes and will put up a fight in order to protect the Western way of life.

Origins of the Cold War

The Cold War unofficially began towards the end of World War II. The United States, Great Britain, and the Soviet Union were allies who fought against the Axis powers of Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, and Japan. It was not a happy marriage between the Western powers and the Soviet Union. It was purely a marriage based on a joint need to fight for survival against a global threat.

But once the global threat was defeated in 1945, the Soviet Union made it perfectly clear under Stalin that they planned to not budge from any land in Europe that they had occupied while pushing the Nazi regime back. This effectively began the Cold War – a struggle for domination between the West and the East. It lasted approximately 44 years, and the Cold War was basically won when the Soviet Union went bankrupt and could not continue without financial support from the West.

To a certain extent, this continues to this day. Without the United States, Russia actually cannot be as dominant as they are today without some critical trade agreements. However, some Russian leaders still have some old habits and dreams. Those dreams include some wishes to dominate way beyond their borders. Some of the ideas of Marxism are perhaps being steadily brought into the minds of American youth via Universities. This defector has some unique ideas as to how the education of the American students has been destabilizing the United States – for decades.

Roe vs. Wade

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